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Proclaim Your Independence

Learn Your RIGHTS and make an informed decision. Call Cheryl Brown at 800-877-0083 for more info or get your copy of our booklet “Trends, Tips and Tricks on How to Move Your Book of Business.”

Some FACTS about The Money Foundation:

  • Exclusive, highly competitive payout
  • Every rep has their OWN contract, which the broker-dealer signs.
  • This contract is PROPRIETARY, developed BY reps FOR reps; available ONLY through the Money Foundation.
  • H. Beck, Inc. just named Broker-Dealer of the Year by Investment Advisor magazine
  • No monthly affiliation fees, no required technology, no hidden fees.

If You’re Seeking a New Broker Dealer,
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What is the Money Foundation?

Beyond being a wholly independent OSJ group within a broker-dealer, The Money Foundation is a Think-Tank of Independent Investment Professionals interacting together to preserve and advance relationships with our clients, working with them to meet their financial goals as well as fulfill their own needs.

As an independent group of registered representatives, the Foundation gives you the tools and guidance to help leverage your Freedom, and Go from Ordinary to Extraordinary.