How We Came to Be

My name is Sir Alan K. Mooney and I am part of the revolution on Wall Street…leading independent registered representatives from the “slave” mentality to the intelligence of a successful entrepreneur.

For thirty-five years, I have studied America’s top producers in the securities industry. I discovered the all time most wonderful reality—being good and honest does pay. This mind expanding feeling is real independence. It is what made America great.

It doesn’t matter if your current gross commissions are $30k, $50k, $100k or more. We have reps earning as much as $1 million.

As we embark on a new decade in the twenty-first century, market conditions, challenges and opportunities point to one fact: there is NO BETTER TIME to be in this business! Further, to make the most of this New Prosperity, the public will need the services of the Independent Advisor. The tide is turning toward independence…and The Money Foundation is leading the way.

Independence is what drove our resistance to industry norms more than fifteen years ago. I and a group of other RRs sought to write a contract that truly defines what it means to be independent–amidst industry trends which we felt were driving us toward slavery.

After three turbulent years our B-D shoved a NEW contract (their contract) in our faces and gave us 90 days to sign. Upon examining this contract under close scrutiny and with the guidance of some of the best legal experts in the securities industry, we soon discovered language that called us “contractors,” yet the broker-dealer owned our books of business!

They closed our old B-D door; they already owned other B-Ds, so now we were scrambling after our hard earned commissions, trails and even our own clients—morality and honesty was gone. It was a nightmare. As independents, we put our minds and resources together and formed our own “think tank” in addition to a production group and Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction. We called it The Money Foundation.

Through this process we were also forced to find a new B-D, and in doing so we sought the wisdom first to look over and extensively examine more than a hundred broker-dealers. We still have all the notes of this valuable research.

We were able to prioritize 108 points of importance in searching for a new B/D. We discovered many very valuable insights from having examined so many B-D contracts and having looked at so many offers. The Money Foundation became our way to our dreams. We began by selecting the choice phrases and key points from hundreds of contracts we reviewed, and the 108 points we had put together describing a dream broker-dealer relationship. It was then we realized we needed to write our own contract…a contract written by ethically driven independent producers for independent producers trying to be truly good stewards for their clients.