What IS the Money Foundation?

Beyond being a wholly independent OSJ group within a broker-dealer, The Money Foundation is a Think-Tank of Independent Investment Professionals interacting together to preserve and advance relationships with our clients, working with them to meet their financial goals as well as fulfill their own needs.

As an independent group of registered representatives, the Foundation gives you the tools and guidance to help leverage your Freedom, and Go from Ordinary to Extraordinary.

In today’s turbulent environment, independent registered reps must continue to stand together to redefine what it means to be independent:

Independence is having the freedom to do what is right for your clients—without conflict.

Independence is working hard to build your book—and retaining ownership of it and all the rights therein.

Independence is having access to an extensive variety of products and technological resources to do right by and for your clients—and your business.

Independence can only be achieved with the right broker-dealer, and the right contract—YOUR DREAM CONTRACT (not the B/D’s).

The Tide is Turning Toward Independence…

and The Money Foundation is leading the way. Define YOUR independence…NOW:

  • Discover Your Supreme Contract.
  • On a Sinking Ship? Get Pre-hire Clearance Completed with a new B/D NOW so you’ll be ready!
  • Get a copy of our publication Trends, Tips, & Tricks on How to Move Your Book of Business
  • Serious inquiries only…Once you take this first step forward, you won’t want to go back.